all about hetsu

hetsu @sethu_hetsu


age: 19 years old

interest: art, animation, painting, philosophy, films, videogames, crt, old techs

likes: sodas, animals, shoegaze, funny people

dislikes: durin, loud noises, crowd, explaing

Oh, you wanna know who I am?

Well actually, that's the same question I've been asking myself.

haha...don't get too deep here.

You can call me Hetsu. I draw things. I like to draw illustrations and comics.

I love music and movies, pretty much everything that catches my eye. You can say many of my works are influenced by musics, movies and manga.

all about hetsu's room

I pretty much made this website out of curiosity and I know this isn't so impressive. I heard about Neocities from a youtube video and get so interested in it. I am not at all familiar with coding anything and I first learnt html this month.

Anyways, I want this website to act as my portfolio so you will also see me update some arts time to time.

professionally, me

I am an aspiring artist who wants to tell stories through illustrations and comics. I have been drawing for over 4 years and have been training art regularly. I have also done logo and graphic designs for a few independent comics. I am pretty much down to do any kind of creative work and inspire to try my best.

You can also comission me illustrations, anything realted to comics (storyboard, sketch, lineart, coloring and shading) and graphic designs (title designs, typeface and layouts).

if you wanna contact me for whatever reason, you can e-mail me. Just click the gif below.

Also feel free to check out me on facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, artstation, pixiv, letterboxd, discord, twitter.